We’re submitted! Donisi’s groundbreaking sensor is submitted & awaiting FDA approval.

The only clinically validated, contact-free device developed for both cardiac & respiratory assessment.

Insights That Matter

Realize the Potential of AI

Solutions tailored to provide seamless,
personalized, actionable insights.

Enabling Hassle-Free Preventative Care

Simultaneously detect multiple wellness indicators with medical-grade accuracy.


Heart Rate, Respiratory Rate



Atrial Fibrillation (AFib)

Heart Rate Variability, Stress, Single Lead ECG, Respiratory Rhythm, Pulmonary Congestion

Designed to Fit Seamlessly with Everyday Life

Medical-grade accuracy in almost every condition

Free from
Complicated Wires

Free from
Uncomfortable Attachments

Convenient Measuring


Patented nano-vibration motion detection: medical-grade measurements at a distance.


Unique know-how and AI provide accuracy in multiple parameters.


Cloud-based services
enable early detection of health deterioration.


Delivery of personalized trends, alerts & actionable insights.

Telehealth Solution

Hassle-free remote health monitoring designed for a seamless continuum of care.

Senior Care Solution

Simplify life’s complexities & keep the focus on what matters most.

One of a Kind

Unrivaled, simplified health monitoring

26 registered patents

ISO 13485 Certified

FDA Submitted

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