Senior Care Solution

Delivering Simple Solutions to Health’s Complex Challenges

  • Simultaneous contact-free detection of multiple health & well-being indicators
  • Plug-and-play health monitoring system
  • Robust accuracy within a variety of environments
  • AI and advanced analytics for deeper insights
  • Ongoing measurements and cloud-based insights
  • Health tracking and trend analysis
  • Near real-time notifications of detected health deterioration

Empower Greater Freedom
Through Effortless, Life Changing Technology

Next Level Care Solutions

In-Home Care:
Enable life as it could be

Donisi’s easy-to-use- health monitoring solutions support hassle-free daily measurements – allowing people to live life free from wires and device attachments. Ongoing monitoring supports early detection of health deterioration allowing people to age in place with greater confidence.

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Assisted Living:
Deliver an unprecedented experience

Contact-free sensing with automatic data analysis, tracking & sharing enables health measurements to be taken from a safe distance and provides users’ support team with deeper insights for swift actions if necessary.

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Heart Rate, Respiratory Rate



Atrial Fibrillation (AFib)

Heart Rate Variability, Stress, Single Lead ECG, Respiratory Rhythm, Pulmonary Congestion

How It Works


Contact-free sensors provide remote medical grade measurements through patented nano-vibration motion detection


Unique know-how and AI transform measured signals into meaningful physiological parameter detections.


Cloud-based services enable personalized trend analysis


Support team can receive notifications using Donisi’s app or integrated APIs

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