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heart failure patients have a readmission rate of 50% within the first six months of hospital discharge.


By 2035,

the number of Americans with cardiovascular disease is projected to rise to 45% of the US population.

[American Heart Association]

Cardiac & Respiratory

Donisi’s solution detects a wide array of physiological and stress indicators including those key for detecting heart failure exacerbations.

Through our unique AI-driven alert system, users and their support team are provided easy to understand notifications.

Remote Monitoring

Multiple hassle-free daily measurements support a higher level of professional care at home – allowing people to live their life free from wires and device attachments. Ongoing monitoring allows for the identification of stress, pulmonary and cardiovascular symptoms, providing alerts & notifications of atypical measurements or changes from the person’s norm.

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Real-time medical-grade pulmonary, cardiac and well-being measurements plus personal trends and insights to support professional decisions and diagnosis.

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Donisi Delivers

  • Plug-and-play health monitoring system.
  • Multiple simultaneous physiological measurements.
  • Free from complicated wires, attachments & small, easy to lose pieces.
  • Accurate irrespective of lighting, layers of clothing, body shape, etc.
  • Automated, privacy protected data share with third party software systems.


Heart Rate, Respiratory Rate


Atrial Fibrillation (AFib)

Heart Rate Variability, Stress, Single Lead ECG, Respiratory Rhythm, Pulmonary Congestion

How It Works


Contact-free sensors provide remote medical grade measurements through patented nano-vibration motion detection


Unique know-how and AI transform measured signals into meaningful physiological parameter detections.


Cloud-based services enable personalized trend analysis


Support team can receive notifications using Donisi’s app or integrated APIs

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